Ms. Castillo provides assistance to prepare the necessary documents for estate planning, probate matters and end of life decisions and care.  Whether drafting a will, helping to plan for retirement or ill-health, or providing representation in guardianship, heirship or will administration, Ms. Castillo provides not only her legal expertise, but her support and understanding with handling these very personal matters. 

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Securities Litigation

Castillo Snyder represents investors in securities-related litigation in federal and state courts, as well as in NASD arbitrations, and has broad experience in litigating cases under the federal securities laws as well as under the Texas Securities Act.

​As part of its securities practice, Castillo Snyder has developed a niche practice of representing defrauded investors in complex offshore investment fraud schemes. Some of the offshore investment fraud cases that the lawyers of Castillo Snyder have litigated include those involving the $7 billion Allen Stanford offshore Ponzi scheme, the InverWorld collapse in San Antonio ($400 million of Mexican investor monies lost in Cayman Island fraud); the Sharp Capital collapse in Dallas ($75 million of Mexican investor monies lost in Bahamas fraud); and the InterAmericas collapse in Houston ($400 million of Mexican investor monies lost in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles fraud).

​Besides litigating cases directly against investment advisers and broker-dealers, Castillo Snyder has enjoyed great success bringing “aider and abettor” liability cases against third parties that assist or participate in the primary securities law violations. Castillo Snyder has litigated lawsuits against major law firms, Big 5 accounting firms, and national and international banks for their roles as aiders and abettors in complex securities fraud0 schemes. As a result, Castillo Snyder is highly experienced in this dynamic, evolving area of securities law, as well as in the related field of professional (attorney and accountant) liability.

​Castillo Snyder also regularly represents receivers, including SEC Receivers, and bankruptcy trustees in litigation arising from complex fraud and Ponzi schemes, including bringing claims under the Fraudulent Transfer statutes of such states as Texas and California.

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Small Business Representation

The Firm assists small & minority owned businesses with litigating and negotiating all types of business disputes. The Firm also assists clients with entity formation and preparation of contracts, compliance issues, business dissolutions, business-business disputes, partnership disputes, board disputes and business leadership disputes.

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Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Castillo Snyder, P.C. provides high quality, aggressive legal representation to victims of personal injury. The lawyers at the
firm have represented defendants in catastrophic personal injury lawsuits, which experience has provided the firm’s
lawyers with the knowledge and understanding of the complexities of trying personal injury lawsuits to verdict. The firm’s
lawyers have represented plaintiffs in cases such as medical malpractice, construction and oil field injuries, automobile
accidents, premises liability (slip and fall), and product liability.

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Family Law

Ms. Castillo works to ensure fast and effective legal representation resolving issues in matters pertaining to divorce, the parent-child relationship including custody, visitation and support, enforcement and modification, and prenuptial and post nuptial agreements.

Whether your case requires vigorous negotiation, mediation or assertive representation at trial, Ms. Castillo has the legal knowledge
and courtroom experience to protect you and your interests.

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation has been the primary focus of the principals of Castillo Snyder throughout their legal careers. But unlike many commercial litigators, who work up cases with no intention of ever really trying them, the lawyers of Castillo Snyder are true trial lawyers. They enjoy trying cases, including highly complex commercial cases. And as their list of reported decisions demonstrates, the principals of Castillo Snyder are regularly on the cutting edge of the law in many areas of commercial litigation.

Besides the sub-areas of commercial litigation discussed in separate pages of this site, Castillo Snyder has vast experience in complex breach of contract cases; business fraud; tortious interference and other anti-competitive conduct; business disparagement and defamation; trade secret theft; franchise disputes; trademark license litigation; lease disputes; real estate litigation; shareholder and partnership disputes; joint venture disputes; and lender liability litigation.

The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation cases, and has represented sole proprietors, start up
companies, as well as “Fortune 500” companies in litigation throughout Texas and in other parts of the United States. Castillo Snyder litigates complex commercial cases in both state and federal courts throughout the United States.

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International Litigation

The lawyers of Castillo Snyder have been immersed in the complexities of international litigation for years, and are adept at all facets of this unique area of practice. From the intricacies of obtaining personal jurisdiction over foreign parties, to cutting through complex conflicts of law questions, forum non-conveniens and securing evidence under international treaties, Castillo Snyder has done it all.

Castillo Snyder has represented clients in litigation involving parties from Mexico, France, England, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, Switzerland, Nigeria, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and the Netherlands Antilles (Curacao). The firm regularly litigates international trade and other international commercial disputes, and has developed a unique specialty niche practice representing foreign investors defrauded in complex offshore investment fraud and Ponzi schemes. As demonstrated by the firm’s list of reported decisions, the lawyers of Castillo Snyder have been on the cutting edge of international litigation for years.

Over the years, Castillo Snyder has developed a reputation in Mexico for representing Mexican businesses and individuals in litigation in U.S. courts. Given its relationships in Mexico, Castillo Snyder from time to time is called upon to litigate cases in the United States that require coordination of counterpart litigation in Mexico by Mexican counsel. The lawyers of Castillo Snyder are themselves well versed in Mexican law and accustomed to litigating lawsuits in United States courts under Mexican law. Moreover, through its network of Mexican law firms, Castillo Snyder is able to refer highly competent Mexican attorneys for its U.S. and foreign business clients with business disputes in Mexico.

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Mexico Representation

Given its cross-border focus and networks on both sides of the border, Castillo Snyder is eminently qualified to counsel and assist clients doing business in Mexico as well as to represent Mexican clients doing business in the United States. Whether a client is interested in selling products in Mexico, establishing a business in Mexico, or resolving a dispute in Mexico, Castillo Snyder has the experience and the resources help to make it happen.

Over the years, the lawyers of Castillo Snyder have represented U.S., Asian and European companies in structuring their businesses in Mexico, including formation of Mexican business entities; establishing manufacturing (maquiladora and “shelter”) operations; structuring cross border trade transactions; preparing and closing real estate transactions; and interfacing and negotiating with Mexican government officials. With its network of Mexican legal, business and government professionals, Castillo Snyder is able to quickly and efficiently assist clients accomplish their goals in Mexico. And as international litigators experienced in litigating disputes under Mexican law, Castillo Snyder is intimately familiar with Mexican law and the Mexican judicial system, and is frequently called upon to provide counseling regarding commercial disputes in Mexico.

Castillo Snyder is able to provide full service representation to Mexican individuals and businesses, including services related to entity formation; contract preparation and negotiation; real estate transactions; employment matters; governmental affairs; and litigation.

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Oil & Gas Litigation

The lawyers at Castillo Snyder, P.C. have represented clients in the oil and gas business in all aspects of production, from
mineral ownership to pipeline sales. The firm’s lawyers have litigated issues including leases, seismic exploration, royalty
disputes, pooling, drainage, failure to develop, cessation of production claims, gas purchase dispute, take-or-pay, trespass and
contract termination. Castillo Snyder has tried oil and gas cases in all of the major production areas of Texas, including the West Texas, South Texas and the Gulf Coast production areas. Mr. Castillo is a frequent lecturer in the oil and gas area.

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Employment Litigation

Castillo Snyder, P.C. represents employees and employers in all stages of employment disputes and the firm has vast experience
litigating complex employment issues. Mr. Castillo developed a keen interest in employment litigation and developed experience
representing employers in significant cases, such as Valdez v. Church’s Fried Chicken, Inc., 683 F. Supp. 596 (W.D. Tex. 1988)
where the plaintiff alleged and the Court found that plaintiff was assaulted and sexually harassed as a “team leader” of Church’s
Fried Chicken. However, the Court found no liability upon the employer because the team leader was not authorized to use force,
and because the sexual assault on the employee was purely personal. Mr. Castillo represents employers and employees in
discrimination cases, wrongful termination, and minimum wage and overtime claims.

Lawyers throughout the state call on Castillo Snyder, P.C. to co-venture employment cases with Castillo Snyder taking the lead.
Castillo Snyder, P.C. also works with businesses to resolve employee disputes before complaints are made to the EEOC or the
Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division. When litigation cannot be avoided, the firm is experienced in representing
both employees and employers in state and federal courts throughout Texas.

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